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Renju World Championship-2007 via e-mail is coming!

Current information about Renju World Championship-2007 via e-mail.

2007 year tournament will be held in 3 leagues:
High League (Group A, 10 participants), First League (Groups B, C, 12 participants each), Second League (Groups D, E, F, G) and Qualification (if there will be enough participants).

4 top players from Groups B and C (2 players from each) will play in the High League next year instead of 4 bottom players from Group A.

8 top players from Groups D-G (2 players from each) will play in the First League next year instead of 8 bottom players from Groups B and C (4 players from each). And Qualification Winners will play in the Second League next year. Final transition between the Second League and the Qualification will be authorized before the beginning of the Championship. The quota of participants from one country will be observed.

The tournament is held at PBeM Server (http://www.gamerz.net/pbmserv).

Time control - 135 days to each player for all game, and 115 days if both players represent the same country. Besides that, there is an additional rule used at the server - 21 days per 1 move (this rule is only server's rule, therefore referee does not stop games by this rule; but the server does!). After 150 moves a game is declared as a draw.

If player abandons the tournament thus forfeiting a significant number of games then he may be disqualified and all his games are considered as losses. The decision about disqualification is being made by Chief Referee in the First League, in the Second league and in the Qualification Tournament and by Referee Council in the High League.

NB: Dear players! Please, respect each other! Play renju according to "fair play" spirit! If Chief Referee recognizes that some player makes some "unfair" action (for example, resigns or suggests a draw in an absolutely winning position or doesn't stop an opponent's "four" etc.) to let his opponent get better tournament result, the Referee can exclude that participant from the tournament and declare all his games lost. In the High League such exclusion also may be made but by Referee Counsil instead of Chief Referee.

Starting date is March 1st, 2007.
Deadline for applications is February 18, 2007.

All renju fans are invited to take part in the tournament!

An application should consist of:
1. Your name
2. Your userid at PBeM server
3. Country and city where you live
4. Contact e-mail
5. Your postal address (mandatory for High League participants, not needed for First League and Second League players).

Please, send your applications on two e-mail addresses:
in order to prevent mail delivery problems.

Information about Renju World Championship-2006 via e-mail.


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